1. Your's Medico Legal Protector.    2. A Complete Protection Against Medical Alligation And Mishaps.    3. Feel Free To Call Us.  
  1. Medical Negligence cases:  
  We prepare and draft opinions in medical negligence cases for review in medical council/ police investigation teams/ consumer courts/ civil courts/ criminal courts. We offer defence experts to assist you in fighting your case in every legal proceeding.  
  2. Medico-legal reports and Post-mortem reports examination  
  We offer highly qualified experts to interpret medico-legal reports and post-mortem reports for defence or prosecution side. Our reports are highly scientific and our expert would appear as defence expert witness before court to assist you in your legal proceedings.  
  3. Private Medico-Legal Investigations  
  We offer our services in private medico-legal investigations where we can assist government agencies or investigative agencies/ on your behalf and desired results can be achieved through our scientific expertise.  
  4. Hospital and Nursing home care  

We offer medicolegal consultancy services to hospitals, nursing homes or polyclinic either on retainership basis or on consultation basis. We offer to design forms to avoid negligence Suits. We also offer our services for better medical record keeping.

IMS India shall prepare the reply to the notice, if any, as and when issued to its members by the Medical Council of India, DMA / IMA, Local Bodies or against the complaint (s), if any, registered with the Directorate of Family Welfare or any other Government Department. However, according to the requirement, the member have to physically present before the concerned department, along with the representative of IMS.
IMS shall take up the cases, as and when initiated on its members under various Acts viz. Negotiable Instruments Act, PNDT Act, MTP Act, RIT Act, etc. etc. and also the cases under various provisions of Laws, free of cost. However, the monetary liability, if any, arises on it have to be borne by the member.
IMS shall assist its members by way of preparation of documents for representing before any Enquiry Committee (s) which includes CMO of the concerned area or any other concerned departments.
IMS shall prepare and file defamation / damage suit against the concerned person or department against the direct or indirect monetary loss or loss of reputation/fame, as and when required by its members, with the appropriate Court, which includes the legal notice. However, the stamp duty, as applicable, or any other monetary liability incurred on it have to be borne by its members.
IMS shall liaison with the concerned insurance company and arrange to settle the amount, through the insurance company, within the stipulated period, as and when awarded by the Consumer Court, provided that the member have availed the professional indemnity insurance/ Errors & Omissions Insurance coverage either through IMS or directly through the insurance company, against the said liability.
IMS shall defend the cases, as and when initiated on its members pertaining to employer - employee (labour) cases, free of cost.
IMS shall arrange the insurance coverage as and when required by the members under Professional Indemnity Insurance /Errors & Omissions Insurance, provided that the member has remitted the applicable premium for the coverage through A/c payee cheque, in addition to the above membership fee.
IMS shall arrange the doorstep administrative service support, pertaining to the above cases, to its members, free of cost and also arrange the prompt and proper delivery of the policy documents/membership agreement at the doorstep.
Medical Council of India
Letest Judgement of CPA
The First and foremost organization in India came out with the concept of providing professional In case of any emergency or problem our member Doctor is required to give us a call.
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